Bonus Bagging

 Bonus Bagging

Bonus bagging

Recently growing in popularity, Bonus Bagging is a betting service that can generate profits without any risk involved. The service does use betting sites, but in a way that eliminates potential risks. This happens by taking advantage of bonus offers from online bookmakers. Some casinos, for example, offer a free amount of money for the initial bet you place with them.

Bonus Bagging works by providing you with possible promotion offers, and then advising you to bet for and against a sports team or player via different bookmakers. This way, you keep the bet money regardless of the result, and the bonus amount remains yours as well. In particular, the popular Betfair site is used to bet against the initial selection, and guarantee that no money is lost. The service also offers other options, such as casino offers and refund offers (where money is returned if the result of the bet is a draw)

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Who is Bonus Bagging For?

Due to the way the services gives instruction on the betting (very elaborate) and the sufficient documentation, a person can start using it with very little background and experience in sports betting, which means that a lot of people can avail from the service. Be that as it may, it is still time consuming, due to the fact that you need to manually place the bets, so it might not be suited for people with busy schedules.

Generally, the service is targeted at people with sufficient free time and some idea of how sports betting should work. The latter is not so much of a problem though, because such information can easily be found online. It should be added that patience can also be a good trait for those using the service.


* Risk free betting and income generation. As mentioned above, even though the system relies on betting, there is no risk involved, so there won’t be any loses.

* Detailed instructions are the pride of the Bonus Bagging service. You’re guided through each and every step of the process, meaning that the service is really easy to use

* Plenty of additional offers are available and the information is updated regularly.


* While straightforward, the system still requires some of your personal time, due to the fact that betting cannot be made automatic. Still, given the fact that most automatic systems tend to be scam, this assures the validity of Bonus Bagging to a certain extent.

* Some users might be tempted to make bets outside the instructions of the service, which is dangerous and might lead to certain financial losses. It is important to stick to the emails Bonus Bagging sends, but some people avoid that advice out of greed.

The Verdict

To sum things up, Bonus Bagging isn’t flawless, but it is a good opportunity to make some extra cash with a very small initial investment and almost no risk. This is the main reason why it’s getting so well known in the UK, gaining most of its popularity from word of mouth alone.

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